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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  September 1, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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workers did it for pure pleasure. white's neighbor stunned. >> it's unbelievable. god, it's un believable. >> she was very nice. but you don't know anybody really. >> reporter: the daycare's vice president says kenny and white were immediately fired. >> how did no one see that? >> what we really would like to focus on at this point is that all of the children are safe. that is our number one priority. we've actually been in constant communication with our parents to let them know we are here to fully support the care and nurturing education of their children. >> reporter: delores tomas works at another daycare where some of the kids from light bridge come to to use the gym. >> the children come in and hug me and i love them. i would never think of doing anything bad to them ever. they're mine. for all intents and purposes they're mine. >> we were unable to get comments from the workers. both are scheduled to appear in court friday.
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the prosecutor says the investigation continues. we're live in cranford, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. september picked up right where august left off on wall street with more volatility, stocks suffering their third pigest -- biggest loss of year. earlier in the session the dow dipped below 16,000. as for the nasdaq, lost 40 points. s&p fell 58. the tumble follows new worries following china's economy. they've dropped more than 10% from their recent highs. a suspect on the run since sunday after slipping out of police custody is back behind bars. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live in tribeca with more on how and when they finally caught her. >> suspect tiffany newman is in police custody here at the first
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precinct station house. she may have been on the run for more than a day but wasn't totally in hiding. police say neumann was brazen enough to hit a few bars and go shopping for clothes. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows tiffany neumann wearing stolen hospital scrub pants, not wasting any time getting back to her apparent criminal ways. a few hours after she escaped police custody in lower manhattan sunday night, she went up to this fulton street newsstand and used a stolen credit card. >> she came to buy some cigarettes and candy. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time neumann was posing as someone she wasn't. when she was first arrested sunday, she told police she was christine figeroto. this is the real christine figeroto whose i.d.
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card was stolen a year ago. >> she stoled -- stole my identity. >> reporter: she went bar hopping at fresh salt and fish market bars only six short blocks away from the hospital. police say neumann befriended several patrons and stole the credit card and cell phone of a woman she met that night. investigators were hot on the escapee's trail after the credit card's owner reported the theft to police. >> the one with the card, she came with the police and this other video. >> reporter: positively identifying neumann on video, police followed the stolen credit card charges, saying neumann used the card for cab fares and to buy clothes. her run came to an end at 8:45 tuesday morning on west 109th street where police were waiting for her. neumann is the fourth suspect to escape nypd custody since june. the officer responsible for neumann's escape has been suspended. >> i will not tolerate as
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police commissioner she's lapses which should be basic policing, the care and custody of a prisoner. >> she's expected to be arraigned sometime later tonight. we're live in tribeca, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. a carjacking in newark ended today with the death of a suspect and a standoff with police. chopper 2 was over the south ward as two suspects surrendered. police say they've barricaded themselves in a house. it all started before 7:00 this morning when a jaguar was carjacked. officers spotted the car with six people inside and they followed it. the suspects then allegedly jumped out of the vehicle. one was struck and killed by a police car. three were arrested. the other two ran for the house. police say the group may be responsible for other crimes. >> they received other calls regarding other incidents involving that came car. >> they are possibly involved in several robberies and a shooting or two. >> police say the suspects are
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juveniles and that two hand guns were recovered. so far no charges have been filed. a developing story from the chicago area. a massive manhunt going on right now for three men accused of killing a police officer. chopper video shows police going door to door looking for any sign of the men along train tracks. a police officer from fox lake, illinois called in to headquarters this morning to say he was chasing three suspects on foot. when backup arrived, he was found shot and his gun missing. so far there's no motive for the shooting. is it a heat wave or not? that's the weather question tonight. lonnie quinn in the weather center. >> it's official. it's a heat wave. but it's only our second heat wave of the season, and we made this today. 90 degrees today for less than one hour. you were 90 degrees on sunday, 90 today. looking outside right now, here's your temperature reading. 85 degrees. mostly sunny sky overhead. winds are variable around 5 miles per hour. central park at the top
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of the list. 88 for newark, 88 in flushing. 87 for jfk. if you take a look at what the skies are serving up, nothing going on. high pressure remains strong. a little bit of rain down around delaware. not coming to our town. we're doing just fine out there for your day tomorrow. do we continue the heat wave? i think we may be just shy of it. 89 degrees. a little more humid. 89 will feel anywhere between 90 and 92. definitely going to feel like it. we'll go over the extended forecast a little bit later. big announcement from pope francis today. not without controversy. he says he will allow priests to forgiveomen who have had abortions. >> reporter: in a letter released by the vatican, the pope decreed that during confession priests around the
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world can forgive the sin of abortion throughout the upcoming year of mercy. the pope says he's met many women bearing the scar of their agonizing decision. father anthony figerato says he's trying to make the church more compassionate. >> it's a gift to every priest and a gift to every person who has suffered in this way, a blessing. >> here at the vatican they say the merciful approach in no way condones abortion nor changes church teaching. the church considers abortion a sin so grave, women who have them are automatically excommunicated, banning them for sacraments. at st. patrick's cathedral in new york some catholics seem to welcome the change. >> i think it's the first step. of course if you do it for one year i think eventually will stay forever. >> it's very progressive. it warms my heart that we can be forgiven.
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>> reporter: theologians say forgiveness is a strong theme for pope francis and that god is always ready to forgive. >> in the tri-ate area, many priests already follow this practice as well as across the country. >> thousands will have a chance to see pope francis when he comes to new york later this month. the pontiff will make a historic procession through central park. starting thursday new york state residents can apply online or call 311 for the chance to receive three free tickets. while here he'll address the u.n. general assembly, hold a service at the 9/11 memorial and visit a school in harlem. the procession will take place before the pope gives mass at madison square garden. coming up at 6:00, cbs 2's marcia kramer explains the unprecedented measures being put in place for the pope's visit to central park. after a new scare involving
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legionnaires' bacteria, an upper east side private school was reopened. tests revealed a cooling tower. the cooling system was to be disinfected over the weekend. >> i'm a teacher as well so i hope they've done all the right things necessary to make sure everyone is safe. that's the concern. >> health department cleared the school to open next week as scheduled for students. earlier this summer an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in the south bronx killed a dozen people and made 100 others sick. new at 5:00, a wild scene in a westchester courthouse as the judge sentenced a 16-year-old rapist. one of the victims went on the attack in the courtroom. lieu -- cbs 2's lou young has the story from white plains. >> the mother of a convicted rapist wheeled out to an ambulance after being clocked in the head by a shoe thrown by one of her son's victims.
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the rapist, 16-year-old javon roberts is a 9th grade dropout of such sadistic depravety, the judge said she had never seen anything like it. >> he got it lightly. >> are you upset about it? >> yes . >> reporter: the attacks were hours long ordeals of brutality. the first victim, 23 years old, was dragged in to this playground and brutalized for hours on end. two months later days before christmas, an 11-year-old girl was abducted and dragged to a nearby stairwell. roberts told arresting officers he couldn't help himself. >> i think people are more conscious of what's going on around here. >> reporter: mt. vernon neighbors recognize the mugshot even as their 23-year-old neighbor, one of the victims spoke to him in court. you're a
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murderer as well as a rapist, she said, trembling. part of me died in that playground. today i take my soul back from you. today you are the powerless one. the victim threw a wedged shoe at the rapist's mother out of frustration. that woman was taken away in an ambulance while the victim was arrested herself. although eligible for parole in three years, it's expected roberts will serve the maximum 10 at which the state can move to have him civilly detained as a danger to society. >> he should do life. >> that's very sad. >> reporter: clearly his old neighborhood doesn't want him back. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the rape victim who threw the shoe was not taken in to custody but was given a ticket. the rapist's mother was not seriously injured. breaking right now, a car on fire on the outbound lanes of the george washington bridge. the timing couldn't be too much worse here at rush hour. joe over the scene.
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>> timing is bad and location is bad. fire department now starting to break the windows of the suv fully engulfed suv towing another vehicle, outbound upper level george washington bridge. right before the fire department, port authority fire brigade has gotten down there. all lanes of the outbound gw completely closed. you can imagine what the inbound side looks like. we did not spot the driver yet. we assume he got out okay. but all lanes closed outbound upper level george washington bridge, you might want to head for one of the tunnels or head up to the tappan zee bridge depended where you're headed. this will impact it for a while. other news tonight, we could soon be seeing a side effect to the heat wave a. new jersey water company says homeowners better start saving water or they might face action. >> also a driver slams in to a woman sending he flying in to
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the street, but she says what the driver did next is what really has her outraged. >> under whose authority are you not issuing licenses? >> she's defying the courts over her beliefs. the action several groups are now taking against a clerk's marriage license fight. >> riding along on a new set of wheels, but this newest way to get around the city comes with a
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warning from police. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us. mjhs. caring every minute, every day.
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a county clerk in kentucky is refusing to back down in her opposition to gay marriage. today she faced off against gay couple who demanded she issue them a license. >> reporter: a court clerk in kentucky has been ordered to face a judge for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. kim davis says she will not go against her religious beliefs. in a statement saying, to issue a
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marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage with my name affix today the soift would violate my conscious. it is not a light decision, it's a heaven or hell decision. >> this isn't about belief anymore. i have beliefs too but i would never impose my beliefs on someone else's right >> i'm not being disrespectful. >> you're telling us we don't deserve the same rights you have. >> i'm saying you -- >> would you do this to an interracial couple? >> a man and a woman, no. >> reporter: davis ' latest refusal came one day after the supre court declined to intervene. >> the supreme court has made its decision. that is the law of the line and that trumps every state, county decision in this court. >> you can call the police if you want us to leave. i pay your salary. >> reporter: kim davis says she
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knows she could face fines and jail time for refusing to comply with the law. >> davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses for gayand straight couples after the supreme court legalized gay marriage bac in june. she could be held on contempt of court charges after thursday's hearing. falling water levels are raising concerns around our region. >> peoplin north jersey are being told to conserve or face restrictions. elise finch shows us why. >> reporter: geese walking where they would normally have to swim. low level water elevate the severity of new jersey's water woes. smith says the problem is being made worse by heightened demand. >> we delivered an extremely high amount of water this august. in fact, 400 million gallons more than we delivered last august for a total of about 3.9 billion gallons. >> reporter: one of the driest
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summers in new jersey history has left the oridale reservoir less than 50% full. >> the three new jersey reservoirs that serve 800,000 people in the region are now at 45% capacity and with no rain in sight and temperatures continuing to be in the 90s and demand for water still very high, we are asking our customers to conserve water wherever possible. >> reporter: the biggest thing people can do is stop watering lawns. lawn watering can account for 50% of a home's total water usage. >> i didn't know it was that bad. it should be asked and complied with. >> reporter: residents in burgen and hudson counties are being asked to operate washing machines and dish washers only when they're completely full. flush toilets only when necessary. and avoid long showers. >> we're all trying. we understand the problem. we don't want it to get to the point where police are riding around to see if people are obeying the law. >> reporter: representatives
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say voluntary conservation w can help homeowners avoid mandatory restrictions later. elise finch, cbs 2 ns. >> water levels worsened last month after new jersey had the fifth driest august ever recorded. >> how long will it stay dry around here? lonnie quinn looking in to the answers about now. >> you just heard from elise talking about burgen county, shaded in yellow. all five boroughs shaded in yellow. suffolk county, moderately dry. we need some rain and we need it pretty quickly. right now you look back on august, august ran over 2 inches below where we should be in the rain bucket and you look at the entire year, we're about a half a foot below where we should be. now is the time to start getting some rain. it's just not coming. high pressure stays in control. any of the rain you see around the carolinas, virginia, delaware, it's being sort of pushed down to the south because this high is stronger than any of those low pressure systems that make
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their way up to the area. 85 degrees right now in the city. you can tell we've got a southeast wind coming in because belmar, babylon, 81 degrees. hamptons, 80 degrees. as that air filters inland, edison, hot spot on the map, 90 degrees. for tonight, overnight low goes down to 74 degrees. mostly clear. is there a chance for rain tomorrow? i do not see it. a little bit more humidity in the air but not the rainfall. 89 degrees. we'll look at the 7-day forecast see if we see some rain looming. i understand the water restrictions. it's those toilet restrictions that always confuse me. >> that's the problem. coming up, the atlantic city air show draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. we head in to the sky with the blue angels to find out. >> also a teen home alone attacked by a man at th door. the clues that could help to find this stranger. >> first dana tyler has a look at what's coming up at 6:00. >> we know pope francis likes
5:22 pm
to go up close to his followers. he's added a new event. cbs 2's marcia kramer covering that story. >> he's going to go to central park but it's not for everybody. you have to live in new york state. >> this is tens of thousands of free tickets? >> tens of thousands of free tickets but only if you live in new york city. >> interesting to see how that
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the navy's elite blue angels take off tomorrow for the atlantic city air show in new jersey. >> one pulled out after a deadly accident. this follows several tragedies i the sky. >> reporter: this harrowing scene at an air show sunday shows a pilot lose control and crash near a crowd of 500 spectators. that pilot died but no one else was injured. it's the latest in a string of deadly incidents that's plagued air shows this summer. on friday a pilot practicing for the new york air show crashed and died near a runway. in england a week earlier a vintage plane went down killing 11 people.
5:26 pm
>> every aspect of entertainment is going to have some element of risk. >> reporter: david schultz is the organizer of the air show. he says fan safety is the most important part of every event. >> there are stringent rules here in canada and the united states with regards to show lines as well as two areas to where they can fly, that the european standards are not near as strict as what we have here in the united states. >> reporter: we flew with the u.s. navy's blue angels as they prepared for this week's show in atlantic city where the squadron will be headlining the event. after a pilot died at a south carolina air show in 2007, the blue angels implemented new safety measures. >> one of those safety measures is to create one basic show then use it all around the country, rather than create a new routine for each venue.
5:27 pm
the blue angels returning to atlantic city for the first time in nearly a decade. >> they do put on a good show, that's for sure. coming up next, trying to change a senator's stance. the protest that's about to start over the iran deal. >> he didn't care for life. he just walked away. >> adding insult to injury. a hit squ a-- hit and run driver accused of outrageous action after knocking a woman off her feet. >> the addition at auschwitz that has some people outraged.
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the most common side effects are headache, nausea... ...diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. a bronx woman speaks out after she was mowed down in the street by a hit and run driver. good evening. i'm alex denis in for -- i'm alice gainer in for christine sloan. >> and i'm maurice dubois. >> cbs 2's dave carlin reports from the monthaven section of the bronx. >> reporter: a heartless crime on surveillance video. police released it seeking justice, as
5:31 pm
she crosses and a car hits her. it was august 19th, 10:30 in the morning. >> i was excited that day. i was going to go see my grandson and never made it. >> reporter: just after impact, and the driver looks like he might do the right thing, walking over to her, who says he doesn't help her. he yells at her. >> he was getting mad at me and told me to get up. he said you're okay, get up, and he told me it was my fault. i told him i couldn't get up. >> reporter: she says the driver is not talking to 911. >> he was talking to someone that he hit me. i just hit a woman. and i guess he was going to see her and he was going to be late. >> didn't call 911? >> no, he did not. >> reporter: with concerned neighbors surrounding her, he gets in his car and drives away. >> the way he treated me, i can't forgive him. i've got a lot of scrapes and bruises. my knee is swollen. but i'm alive. >> reporter: she faces therapy for a torn ligament while he faces possible jail time. but
5:32 pm
first police must catch him. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> neighbors say too many cars and trucks double park along the 500 block of jackson avenue where this happened, and they think that might have been a contributing factor. police in new jersey are looking for the man who forced his way in to a home and assaulted a teenaged boy. this is the man in the sketch who knocked on a door in wayne. it happened august 18th. when a 15-year-old boy answered the door, the suspect started kissing him and tried to take off his clothes. he then took off in a pickup truck. rallying in an attempt to try to get a senator to change her vote on the iran nuclear deal. >> dick brennan is live outside kirsten gillibrand's office with more. >> senator gillibrand is
5:33 pm
opposed to a congressional disapproval of the iran nuclear deal. many of these people say they don't like the deal and they want that deal disapproved by congress. they're all gathering here. many people will be gathering in the next half hour. we're expected to hear from a number of speakers including joe lieberman. they believe the deal will pave the way for iran to get the bomb. congress will vote later this week. the president wants enough senate votes to guarantee his veto can't be over ridden. >> it's going to get worse if this deal goes through. this must not go through under any circumstances. if anybody votes for this deal, they must resign. >> there's no doubt they want to wipe israel off the face of the map. why would you want to deal with people like that? >> even though they continue to say this even after we form this agreement, quote/unquote, we
5:34 pm
still are going to go through with this deal which puts our country at threat, israel at threat, this has been an ongoing progress by iran and they're not to be trusted. >> gillibrand says there's no way to guarantee iran won't get a bomb without a deal. that's why she feels a deal is so necessary. a vote will take place a little later this month. president obama wants enough senate votes to guarantee that his veto cannot be overridden. some say it's a troubling sight at the auschwitz memorial. management at the former nazi concentration camp installed sprinklers to cool off the visitors but some jewish people say they evoke memories of the false showers installed as gas chambers by the nazis. the museum said its intention was to keep guests cool.
5:35 pm
close to a million people were killed at auschwitz. the president is in anchorage to press for tougher rules to combat climate change. he made a pit stop at the snow city cafe after taking some pictures with the owners, he took a look at the counter. the rolls caught his eye. he said he would take all of them for the staff and his motorcade. he also ordered a pastry sampler to go. sure, i'm going to share. i've been there. [ laughter ] >> maybe he likes cinnamon rolls. in just a moment, you may see these guys wheeling around in the city. these new devices are growing in popularity but are they street legal? it turns out the answer was a little tough to get. >> we're in a stunning penthouse duplex floating above soho. and atop the penthouse, a private rooftop terrace with an surprises. living large. >> and today in history in
5:36 pm
1985, a u.s. french expedition found the wreckage of the titanic on the floor of the atlantic ocean. more than 1500 people died when the legendary
5:37 pm
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5:39 pm
ship hit an iceberg. tonight's living large takes us to soho. >> the penthouse we're visiting is a glass july box in the sky. here's cbs 2's emily smith. >> reporter: on west broadway you find a boutique building with a duplex penthouse. we headed straight to the top floor. >> one of the great places about this space is you enter directly from the elevator. >> reporter: michael chapman gave us the tour. >> this is the formal living dining room we're coming in to right now. >> windows all around the room show off soho. and the iconic empire state building. this room has a wood burning fireplace with portuguese limestone.
5:40 pm
>> this is a glass staircase which was manufactured in it's really and assembled onsite. we have this beautiful state-of-the-art kitchen. >> very minimalist. >> clean nice lines. we've got the fire burner, double oven. >> reporter: the home has nine rooms across 6,000 square feet. >> it's a corner master bedroom. amazing views. you get beautiful morning light. >> there's a glass antique balcony to truly appreciate the view. >> you can go out here in the mornings, read the newspaper, have a coffee. >> reporter: a marble sanctuary with heated floors, a soaking tub, and a steam shower makes up the master bathroom. >> the whole place was recently renovated. >> reporter: the staircase designed specifically for this home. down here, a private entertainment corridor. you also have three bedrooms are more balconies. >> we're going to take the bedroom up.
5:41 pm
>> reporter: finally, your own private garden terrace. it has a gas fireplace and a heated plunge pool and spa floating high above soho. >> this was custom manufactured in colorado. >> reporter: to live large in soho, it will cost you $26,500,000. >> pretty nice. common charges and taxes for the penthouse in the seven-unit building are about $16,000 a month. >> that spa got our attention. >> it did and the stairs. i wear socks a lot so i'd probably slip. but the spa was nice. as we continue here at 5:00, if you don't think an extra hour of sleep can affect your health, you might want to listen to this next story. a new study linking sleep and sickness. >> steven colbert lands another huge guest. could it change the race for president? >> dana tyler with a look at the news at 6:00. >> i don't know why, alice, but you told me you like your socks so you got me giggling there. tmi, right?
5:42 pm
[ laughter ] tonight at 6:00, we have this. stunning accusations of abuse against two long island daycare workers. they're both facing charges tonight. what they're accused of doing to the children in their care. >> a disturbing sight. a deer with an arrow stuck in its head. thanks to concerned residents there's a happy ending to this tale. >> kitchen renovations can be expensive. there's a new way to cut down on the costs.
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y di" tt ga beusitti ttego ahh
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plt! another tribute is planned for carl johns baptiste. his le mis cast will gather as the marquee lights are dimmed in his memory. he was the youngest actor and first african american to play the character on broadway. major announcement today from vice president joe biden, not about whether he's running for president, but that he's
5:46 pm
appearing on the late show with stephen colbert. the new late show premiers next tuesday 11:35 here on cbs 2 after the news at 11:00. jeb bush will be among the guests that night, and so too will be a guy named george clooney. if you have to stay up late watching late night tv, you might be among those who are sleep deprived. >> lack of sleep can be bad for your health. now dr. max gomez tells us it might also lead to more colds. dr. max. >> that's right. a number of studies have linked lack of sleep and interrupted sleep to a variety of infectious diseases but most of those relied on people reporting what their sleep was like, not always accurate. for the first time a study used a wrist activity monitor to precisely measure sleep. >> reporter: susan davis is getting a routine checkup from
5:47 pm
her internist. she's happy and healthy with a few minor complaints and one big one so many of us share. >> i try to get at least six hours. sometimes i can't fall asleep or i'm thinking about something and i get up during the night. >> reporter: the national sleep foundation tells us most adults should get seven to nine hours of sleep. yet about 40% of americans don't get the recommended amount. susan doesn't get enough sleep. she knows she's going to pay a price. >> the less sleep i get, the more prone i am to getting sick, whether it be cold, sinus infections. >> reporter: now a new study in the journal of sleep finds not enough sleep and colds really are related. volunteers have their sleep carefully measured for seven days then given nose drops containing a cold virus. those sleeping six hours or less per night had significantly higher risk of developing a cold than those who slept more than seven hours. that was regardless of the time of year,
5:48 pm
weight, or other variables. >> inflammation is higher and can make you more susceptible. with lack of sleep over time your immune system is weakened. >> reporter: even if we get plenty of sleep, wash our hands often and don't touch our eyes, mouth, and face, chances are we're still going to catch a cold from time to time. what do you do then to get rid of it faster? >> at the very first sign of a cold, if you use cold-ease zinc, green tea has shown to get you better. >> it's easy to get dehydrated when you're sick, especially when you're running a fever. i know it's early to be talking about flu shots but that's the best way to prevent a serious illness. those volunteers that had the virus sprayed in to their nose, they got paid $1,000 for it. >> really? >> would you? >> for a thousand buck, i'd get a cold for a couple of days. >> especially if it's the first of the month.
5:49 pm
>> or the end of the month. [ laughter ] a high surf warning remains in effect through wednesday for swimmers on hawaii's big island. 10 to 15-foot swells pounded the shores. ignacio has weakened and now hurricane jimena poses the next threat. that storm is a category 4. we did it. i don't know if we're happy about it. >> the whole idea of the official heat wave. it's hot. it's just hot out there. and tomorrow may not be a 90-degree day but it's still going to be hot. suffice to say that situation is not changing. there's your picture looking out over the city. 85 degrees. my headlines come together like this. it is abnormally hot for this time of the year. we're in to september now. as you move in to september the temps should be dropping, not getting hotter
5:50 pm
out there. the opposite is true out west. they're not under this summer pattern. we currently have this big ridge. it allows the warm air from the south to make its way to town. remember the jet stream flows like a sign curve. we go out west, there in the dip of the jet stream, this trough allows canadian air to blow in. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. they're under a mid-autumn-like pattern. we're going to get cooler air, just not in the immediate future. temperatures for your day tomorrow, will we find 90? this model is saying the high temperature will be 90. either which way, slicing that hair, it's going to be hot. i'm in agreement with this. high temperature of 92. i think we'll be between 90 and 92. the reason i think we'll be warmer on thursday is because the arrival of ironically a cold front. as this edges in to our
5:51 pm
area, you get that warm burst of southwest wind ahead of it. that's why you'll always get the warmest air right before the cold front arrives. could squeeze out a few showers later in the day thursday. hen milder air on the backside for friday. the timing of this front makes thursday a potential bust. what i mean by that is let's say the front gets here 11:00 in the morning. once that front passes you're not getting any warmer. here's my forecast. the numbers i feel pretty good about. i'm saying 89 for wednesday with a nice sky. thursday, about 91 degrees is where i'm going to forecast. and there is that late day storm chance, could linger a little bit in to friday morning. friday is high, about 82 degrees. then you get to your weekend. how about holiday weekend. check this out. sunshine for saturday and sunday and monday, maybe a few more clouds for monday but 86 on saturday, 85 on sunday, 86 on monday. even tuesday. take an extra day.
5:52 pm
>> and you're pulling out the trigonometry today. stuff we completely forgot about. >> my son is taking the class and i'm like, there was a time 25 years ago maybe i could have done it. >> so it's fresh in your mind. that's what's going on. a welcome sight for pope francis's upcoming visit. last week we told you about a giant mural of the pontiff going up in midtown. now that welcome sign is complete. >> it's 225 feet tall. it's at the corner of 8th avenue and 34th street. during his visit to the city, the pope will hold mass at madison square garden across the way. before the mass, francis plans to visit central park. it will give tens of thousands of new yorkers a chance to see him. how you can get tickets and the unprecedented security measures for central park. >> right now i'm standing on a motorized you know -- unicycle. new technology hitting the streets. are they allowed?
5:53 pm
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a lot of people getting in to this new trend in the city. have you seen them? it's these one and two-wheeled personal transport devices, mixing it up with pedestrians, bikes, and cars. >> are they safe or even legal? meg meg shows -- meg baker shows us there's confusion on how some are wheeling around the city. >> reporter: they are taking but are they a danger to pedestrians at speeds of up to 18 miles per hour? >> i joke around is that it feels like you're flying. >> right now i'm standing on a motorized you know -- a motorized unicycle. >> reporter: not legal are
5:57 pm
motorized segways, electric scooters. we spoke to those who are supposed to enforce the rules. they seemed confused. >> are they allowed? >> yeah. >> according to the department of transportation, motorized self-balancing devices such as segways and other personal transporters are prohibited in new york city. but it's up to the nypd to enforce. william kenyon created the jetsen wheel, he says he can ride it anywhere. >> are there any rules to riding them on the streets and sidewalk? >> sidewalk, no problem. >> reporter: he said he even sold a few to police officers in the neighborhood for personal use. >> i sold a couple, maybe like 30 police officers already. >> reporter: according to nypd, the personal transport devices can not be register would the -- register would the department of
5:58 pm
motor vehicles and therefore are illegal. it's all the rage in the city right now, legal or not. on the upper west side, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> some companies sell the devices as self-balancing unicycles. others call them balancing scooters. that's going to do it for the news at 5:00. see you again at 11:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. he wants to spend as much time as possible with people. we've been trying to think of a way for more new yorkers to she pope. >> pope francis adds another event to his new york city visit. a ride through central park. good evening. i'm dana tyler. this pope mobile trip through the park before the mass at madison square garden will
5:59 pm
allow tens of thousands of people to see him up close but it comes with with many challenges, additional security for pope francis and restrictions on those free tickets. marcia kramer live in central park with more on today's big announcement about the papal visit. >> it was one of the things that were not already on the pope's schedule, an opportunity to see and be seen by large numbers of his flock without creating a major security problem. so cardinal dolan said what about central park? and city officials made it happen. >> we've been trying to think of a way for more new yorkers to see the pope, to experience the pope, as well as give the pope more of an opportunity to see and experience new yorkers. >> reporter: spokesman talk about an agreement reached with the city for the pope to make a historic procession through central park where he can greet


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